Kid Commerce

Audio Editing, Original Music and Sound Design Clients

You've Got Talent? We've Got Music.

Commerce Audio LLC always looks for independent artists to feature in our original compositions.

Featured Artists are not obligated to pay for services or provide recording equipment. However, they will receive personalized promotions and a percentage of royalties for their contribution.

Non-Featured Artists will be compensated appropriately as 'session musicians.'

"It's tough navigating the music industry alone. I'm a confident pianist, songwriter, and producer. That said, I love help from other artists to bring my visions to life. So we started the Artist Division of Commerce Audio to collaborate with musicians like yourself, not to contract."

                                                                                                                   -Joseph Leonetti
                                                                                                                      (Kid Commerce)


This playlist is a few examples of our original music!

Background Music

We make original background music for a miriad of clients. They include Established Titles, Lego, and 7-Eleven.

Sound Design

We are also able to design music and sounds to your specific project. Our team scored music for the SAG-AFTRA film Wait, Wait, Don't Kill Me. Our music can help tell your story.