Vocalize YOUR Business

                                  (Custom Audio & VO Services)

Commerce Audio is the answer to your music and vocal marketing needs. We strive to provide our clientele with high-quality, personalized content at an affordable price. Joe and Freddie have independent and collaborative experience creating content for:

*Commercial  *Hold Line  *Film  *Audiobook  *Corporate Event  *Animation

Don't rely on stock audio to capture the nuances that separate you from the competition.

Let's work together to develop content that vocalizes your message.

Please contact us at any time or browse our demos.

The Team

Freddie Colton- Client Relations

Freddie has worked in the customer service and Voice Over field since 2012. Client list including; Adidas, Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz. Outside of the booth, Freddie gets the pleasure of interacting with Commerce clientele.

(For more info check out our Clients Page.)

Voice Over

Joe Leonetti (Kid Commerce)- Artist Collaboration

Joe has been a professional musician since 2011. He has performed many live events and commercials for companies including Adidas, Nerone Next and Top Rank Rentals. In addition to his corporate work, Joe is always looking to feature independent artists on original tracks.

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